Property Finders Services

The best tool in any property purchase is information

 PropertyFinders will:

  • compare markets,
  • look at historic sales in the area,
  • identify building developments in the area,
  • guide you through the property purchasing process,
  • find a property that meets your specific requirements,
  • give auction advice,
  • assist with building and renovation advice,
  • filter out unsuitable properties,
  • advise on the advantages of specific geographical areas and specific properties,
  • share insider knowledge about an area,
  • offer objective opinion through previewing properties that you are interested in,
  • investigate current rentals, and
  • empower you take control of the process of your purchase assisting you along the way with information.

Your initial consultation is at no cost and obligation free. Contact Marc on 0423 022 198, and he will put you in touch with a PropertyFinders™ affiliate in the area you are looking to purchase in. Be mindful that PropertyFinders™ affiliates are run independently and have their own cost structures. All of our PropertyFinders™  abide by a Professional Code of Ethics so you can be assured that you are in good hands.

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