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Marc Hammond originally founded Property Finders within Australia in 1995.  He worked within several Government Organisations purchasing specific properties on behalf of Community and Special Needs Groups. Marc has spent over 20 years in the Property Valuation industry and has an in-depth knowledge of local property markets throughout the New South Wales Region.  He established a reputation for a client focused and a logical approach to purchasing properties.  He has the knowledge and experience to support a buyer through all levels of property acquisition, from the initial valuation to settlement.

In early 2000 Marc expanded his PropertyFinders™ business to the international market through The PropertyFinders™ Group and PropertyFinders™ Network.

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The best weapon in any property purchase is information.

Purchasing a property

Purchasing a home to occupy is a very personal choice, probably the most expensive investment you will ever make, and it is imperative to meet most (if not all) the needs and requirements of all family members for your current situation and future needs.

Purchasing an investment property is a slightly different proposition and requires different considerations, but it’s just as imperative to ask all the right questions.

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